About IHP

Imagine . . .

  • Communities naming their own religious and health assets
  • Public health leaders, practitioners, and researchers seeing those assets, often for the first time
  • These assets aligned and activated in new ways that enhance the health of those communities
  • Faith communities and public health practitioners working in partnership for healthier communities

This is IHP. . . this is what we do.

IHP Mission Statement

Established to actively promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities who face health disparities, the Interfaith Health Program (IHP) brings together a diverse community of scholars and public health practitioners to assure access to health programs and services. Through alliances with national and global partners, IHP facilitates collaboration, provides training, builds networks, conducts research, and implements programs that improve the health and wellness of communities around the world.  IHP’s work is rooted in respect for diverse religious beliefs and practices, justice, and human rights for all people.