Faith-based and Public Health Partnerships:  Strengthening Community Networks

IHP, in collaboration with the Association for State and Health Territorial Officials (ASTHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has worked to develop a program to build and mobilize capacity within networks of faith-based and community organizations to demonstrate ways to expand reach to vulnerable, at-risk, and minority populations for prevention and treatment of influenza.

This year’s meeting, Faith-based and Public Health Organizations: Strengthening Community Networks, took place at Emory University April 28-29 and convened leaders from both public health and faith-based organizations. Over the course of the meeting, participants developed strategies to build capacity across participating sites and new adopters and advance the tools and approaches used to help expand capacity.

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As part of this meeting, IHP, ASTHO, and CDC sponsored a live webinar, Public Health and Faith Community Partnerships: Model Practices, which included participants in both the public health and faith-based sectors across North America. The purpose of this learning event was to disseminate knowledge and promote replication of model practices known to contribute to the reach of seasonal influenza prevention to vulnerable, at-risk, and minority populations.

The panel of speakers during the webinar discussed case examples from their organizations’ work that demonstrate partnership capacity and the model practices in action.

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